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Writing Memos Skills Class Reflection – timelynursingwriters.com

Attached is my Reflection i just need my reflection edited and its only 1 page.

Having already completed all the assignments, you will now look back at the tasks you completed for this class and reflect on your growth as a writer. What are you most proud of? What represents you the best? How or why? What do you wish you did differently? What challenges did you face, if any, and how did you manage/overcome them? In the mean time, what is your theory about your own writing practice (or what assumptions and beliefs do you have about your own writing, such as how and why you do it, like/dislike it, and are perhaps changing or not changing) and how your writing turns out. You can also think about genre, audience, purpose, context, etc.). Finally, what are you taking away from this class?

For this assignment, I want you to be honest and present an authentic voice on your experience in this class. Yes, use your first-person point of view. Length requirements: 500 words (approximate but can expand as/if warranted).