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Week 5 Discussion BUSINESS AND PUBLIC POLICY – timelynursingwriters.com

Review Chapters 7, 10, and 12 in the course textbook.

Chapter 7, Business-Government Relations

Chapter 10, Managing for Sustainability

Chapter 12, Regulating and Managing Information Technology

Along with the chapter readings, pay particular attention to the following case in Chapter 7:

Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated?

Prepare a 500-word posting identifying the major points from the chapter readings. Conclude the post by considering the following case questions:

  1. Should the U.S. and other national governments ban or more severely regulate the manufacture, sale and use of e-cigarettes, why or why not?
  2. Which stakeholders are most affected by the sale and regulation of e-cigarettes?
  3. Is the tobacco industry demonstrating a strategy of working in a collaborative partnership with the FDA by its voluntary warning labels on e-cigarettes?
  4. Using the elements of public policy, presented earlier in this chapter, identify the inputs, goals, tools, and effects of the FDA’s effort to regulate e-cigarettes.
  5. What reasons, discussed earlier in this chapter, could the FDA or other national regulatory agencies use to justify greater regulatory control of e-cigarettes?