Running for National Office Successful Campaign for Congress Films Questions –

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Running for National Office Successful Campaign for Congress Films Questions –


Limit 4, single-spaced, type-written pages, 12-pt. font Times Roman font, 1-inch margins. The paper will count for 20% of your final grade. Papers must be in Word, PDF, or RTF format. This is both a creative exercise and a test of what you have learned so far in the course. Use your imagination as well as apply your knowledge of relevant information in answering the questions. Feel free to use sources such as the Internet, magazine and newspaper articles, books, and any others you might come across; however, you MUST cite all sources used, as well as utilize quote marks when directly quoting a source. Good luck.


Running for National Office


Compare and contrast the movies in Section I. What does it take to run a successful campaign for Congress or the White House? Should the candidates’ personal lives be fair game? Does anything go in a presidential or congressional campaign? Do candidates have to sell their soul to get there? Can they get there without the help of professional campaign consultants? Explain. Be sure to draw on all the movies in this section, the assigned readings, and any others you can think of, in answering these questions. Remember: there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions—simply opinions which are either well-defended or not.

* All students have freedom of speech in my class. Please write openly and honestly—no particular personal opinion or political belief will result in a grade being lowered or raised.

I. Getting to the Hill & the Big White House

  1. Knife Fight (2012) [100 min.] {May 20} {{Topic: Running for Anything}}
  2. The Candidate (1972) [110 min.] {May 21} {{Topic: Running for Congress}}
  3. The Ides of March (2011) [101 min.] {May 22} {{Topic: Running for President}}
  4. Recount (2008) [116 min.] {May 23} {{Topic: The 2000 Presidential Election}}
  5. Game Change (2012) [118 min.] {May 24} {{Topic: The 2008 Presidential Election}}