Pseudocode Programming Discussion Paper –

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Pseudocode Programming Discussion Paper –

In Week 2, we discussed how to represent programming logic with algorithms, flowcharts, and pseudocode. These tools work well with short programs. It may be complicated to manage algorithms, flowcharts, and pseudocode for lengthy or complex programs. This week, let’s look at how to structure logic so that it’s manageable and easy to understand.

Imagine that you need to buy tickets for a movie. You reach the movie theater but find lines of people at each of the ticket counters waiting to buy their tickets. Naturally, you will choose the smallest line and may even hop from one line to the other to get the tickets quickly if those other lines are shorter.

Similarly, you can implement logic in a program to perform tasks or calculations based on a condition. To do this, you use control structures.

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Develop pseudocode.
  • Use control structures.
  • Use modularization, logical operators, and arrays
  • Use arrays and control breaks