Cotton Balls Sales for a Trade Show Pitch Presentation –

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Cotton Balls Sales for a Trade Show Pitch Presentation –

you will create a PowerPoint presentation for a trade show or mini convention. The subject matter of your PowerPoint presentation is a “Sales Pitch”. You will get to choose a product to sell. Your product can be anything that you would find laying around your home, car, or the bottom of your purse. It could be something very basic!

Some examples of products could be:

  • Cotton Ball
  • Key Ring
  • Coffee Mug
  • Hair Brush
  • Paper Clip
  • Pencil

Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

  1. Ten slides (includes the title and closing slides)
  2. A summary IN YOUR OWN words that tells us about the item you are selling.
  3. How is the product made?
  4. What are its functions?
  5. How would you use this item? Demonstrate the uses.
  6. How would you compare this item with similar products?
  7. Why can’t we live without it?
  8. What is the price?
  9. Use of shapes, Smart Art, and a table (with formatting).
  10. Slide design, transitions, animation, graphics, etc.
  11. Please use the persuasive writing techniques that you have learned in Chapter 8 to try to persuade customers to purchase your product and not your competitors’.
  12. You will be graded on your presentation and the content of your PowerPoint. A grading rubric will be provided.

10 points: Introduction & Closing Slides
20 points: Music (song) playing throughout presentation
20 points: Use of Custom Graphics, Transitions, and Picture
20 points: Table, Shapes, and Smart Art
30 points: Speaking notes for each slide using persuasive writing method.

Total 100 points