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Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work Reading Response – timelynursingwriters.com

1. Please write a short response (200 -300 words) to the reading called “Why are young people pretending to love work”.

2. A comment or response you post to another posting (see below):

“I think this article touches a lot on the idea that we are who we learn to be. Before such extreme work became normal, doing so probably seemed like a way to stand out to young people just entering the workforce. Someone who can offer a company that sort of work ethic might have stood out amongst a sea of applicants who were expecting a normal 40 hours per week. As more people caught on to this trick, slowly but surely some of the bigger companies would have started to expect this quality from people those they hired instead of just seeing it as a perk. Observerving hopefuls would see this and realize that, in order to be hired somewhere, they would also have to adopt this work ethic to even match up with their competition. Then, once in the workplace, all of these employees keep up this race to continually try to get promoted and move on to bigger and brighter things. Once the mega work ethic became popular, it also became seemingly necessary for success.”

This article is a bit extreme in its total condemnation of the extreme work ethic. While it is true that some people lead this sort of life in misery, many actually do love their jobs. Some actually do devote a majority of the hours they are alive to what they do because they genuinely want to and enjoy doing so. On the other hand, I agree completely with the author’s concerns about this sort of lifestyle limiting people’s exploration of extracurriculars. I am of the belief that having a variety of activities and passions can make you happier in addition to making you a better resource in your work life. A diverse lifestyle is a creative lifestyle, and such a strenuous work schedule devoted to one job jeopardizes that.

3. A comment on an incident, topic, issue on campus or in the real world which you find sociologically interesting and to which you can apply sociological ideas (see below):

How did the school handle Angie’s situation? How did she feel with the lack of support there was? How did her experience at the psychiatric ward shape how she saw herself, the school, and what she went through? Share your thoughts on her piece.