MAT1402 Fair Division Method Explanation –

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MAT1402 Fair Division Method Explanation –

According to this course, what does it mean to have a fair division of something?

Does a fair division mean that you will always get the biggest/best portion? Is it possible that you will you envy the portions of other players?

Test out the Divider-Chooser Method with two people you know. (Make sure that you explain the procedure to the two players before you try out the method. Maybe even let them do a trial run.) Please include a photo to document your experiment. Tell us about the experience.

Did the two people believe that they received a fair division of the goods?

In your initial post, make sure you are answering all questions in the prompt. Including the picture of your divider/chooser method example. Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length.

To demonstrate participation, you need to provide at least 2 quality reply posts that demonstrate that you have read and analyzed your classmates’ posts. Make sure you are providing at least 50 words per reply.