Signs of Child Abuse Opportunities for Prevention & Intervention Discussion –

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Signs of Child Abuse Opportunities for Prevention & Intervention Discussion –

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The two dysfunctional behaviors that can result from intergenerational abuse are emotional and physical abuse. Emotional abuse may be defined as experiencing a lack of love and emotional support from over significant individuals (Kaplan, Pelcovitz, & Labruna, 1999, p.1214). First, Rick’s father demonstrated emotional abuse toward him by failing to provide him with emotional support, calling him derogatory names, and humiliating him by stating to him that he would never amount to anything in life. His mother also caused emotional abuse to him through her actions. Her actions were to do nothing but allow the father to abuse him without intervening to protect him. In addition, being exposed to emotional abuse as a child had a negative effect on Rick’s relationship with his wife and child. Physical abuse may be defined as an act of physical violence which results in physical injury on another individual (Archana, Don,2019, p.189). Second, Rick was a victim of physical abuse by his father when he attempted to protect his mother from being physically abused by his father. In addition, growing up in this type of environment Rick inflicted physical abuse on his wife and son by slamming her against the wall and violently shaking his son.

As a human service professional, an intervention would need to be implemented for Rick to break the intergenerational abuse cycle. First, it needs to be explained to Rick that emotional and physical abuse are not appropriate behavior that needs to be displayed toward his wife and son. Second, an early prevention of maltreatment program is needed to help Rick to handle his emotional and physical abuse towards his wife and son. The early prevention of maltreatment program is designed to identify and prevent the abuse before it escalates to a level of emotional and physical abuse. This program may be designed to tailor the specific needs of a family (Fallon, Ma, Allan, Pillhofer, Trocme, & Jud, 2013, p.12). Third, a human service professional may help Rick with develop strategies designed to help Rick control his anger, physical and verbal aggression/abuse towards his wife and child. This program will be able to help Rick to express his anger, trust issues, and self-control. Last, Rick needs to attend counseling on marriage and parenting. This will help Rick to improve his relationship with his child, wife, mother, and father, thus, reducing the possibility of a continued cycle of abuse.


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