Shipam City Restaurant Slow Customer Service Operations Project Paper –

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Shipam City Restaurant Slow Customer Service Operations Project Paper –

Operations Project Paper

This Operations Project Paper required 3 parts that will be descried in the below as in points A, B, and C

A) Operations Project Proposal

First, you need to make a proposal for the project, It can be as little as one page. Keep it brief but tell me what you have so far.

Remember the purpose of the proposal is to give me a chance to help you put together a scope and plan for your project that you will be able to obtain a good result with.

Be sure to include things like:

  • Who your client is:
    • What firm and site?
    • Name of the manager you will be working with
  • What is the process? or what will you be attempting to improve?
    • What process or operation you will be studying at the site? the more specific the better.
    • Tell me what you plan to work on, and we can refine it.
  • Where is it located
    • Site location
    • How you plan to visit the site
  • When you will first visit
    • When you plan to visit and consult with client. if you already have done so, say so.
  • Anything else relevant:
    • Preliminary guess of performance measures to be improved
    • Ideas about what could be better
    • Bottlenecks you know about
    • Methods tried already
    • Difficulties or issues you foresee

The Operations Project Proposal must be done with in 2 days from now

B) Operations Project Status Report

Second, you need to make your operation project status report. A page is all that’s necessary, but if it runs a bit long or there is an exhibit to share that is ok.

Remember the purpose of the status report is for me to be able to help you move forward and focus on the things that will make you successful.

In your status report you should say:

  • Accomplishments to date
  • Issues and problems
    • What are your roadblocks to success?
  • Next steps
    • What are you planning to do next?
    • When will you have it done?

The Operations Project Status Report must be done with in 4 days from now

C) Operations Project Paper

Third and finally, you need to do the following:

  • Perform a consulting Project to improve an operation in some enterprise.
  • Write a written report on your findings, assessment, conclusions and improvements.
  • You play the role of a consultant on this assignment.
  • You are to apply the knowledge gained in the course, resulting in the improvement of some process or operation at your employer, or some other company or organization (club, restaurant, store, church, sports team, or other organization).
  • This is a service-learning project, where you will help that organization make an improvement using your operations management knowledge.

Note that written business reports should generally be in the third person (not first person).

Paper to have section in it and have structure to the report (such as executive summary, introduction, background, data, analysis, conclusion, etc.).

The complete Operations Project paper must be done with in 7 days from now

Project Report Rubric



Analysis: Provides careful analysis of problem, using techniques learned in course study and reading.

32 pts

Field Work: Shows evidence of adequate interaction in the field with organization studied. Interacts well with clients and shows perseverance and skill in facilitating their involvement in supplying information and access to the operation and its people.

32 pts

Research: Conducts in-depth research on problems of client with its operation and its performance, using library, and internet resources as well as surveys, interviews, site visits, observations, measurements, and other techniques.

24 pts

Report: Report is professional and clearly written; easily understood, interesting, and contains relevant pictures and cartoons. Executive summary is clear and brief, hits major findings and improvements, and provides measures of improvement.

18 pts

Conclusions: Report indicates clear and executable recommendations for process improvements, and quantitative information on measurements that would mark success. Report attempts to answer in advance obvious questions of clients and executives.

22 pts

Total Points: 128

Please make sure to provide me with the following in the required date:

– Part A Operations Project Proposal in 2 days from now.

– Part B Operations Project Status Report in 4 days from now.

– Part C Operations Project Paper in 7 days from now.