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LEG 500 Week 6 Discussion – timelynursingwriters.com


In today’s economy, there are a wide number of powerful companies who in all appearances control massive segments of different markets. Using the Internet, identify one (1) example of a large company that has (or might be) engaged in anti-competitive behavior in the last year. Next, suggest three (3) ways that this behavior could be viewed as either a horizontal or vertical restraint of trade. Be sure to define these terms and explain them and provide support for your response. PER THE PROFESSOR – AS OF SATURDAY 5/11 – 3:30PM – NO MORE EXAMPLES OF GOOGLE, AMAZON, AT&T, PFIZER, APPLE, JOHNSON & JOHNSON OR QUALCOMM. FIND SOMETHING NEW!

In your response to another student, take a contrary view and discuss why you believe the behavior identified could be deemed as not being a restraint of trade. Justify your response.

Post a Pin that relates to the topics covered this week and write why you chose this item. A Pin can be a link to a video or article that you found on the web. Click here to view a quick tutorial on how to get started. After you post your Pin, make sure you check back to comment on your fellow classmates Pins.