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can this be done by Thursday May 23 –

For the Module 4 SLP assignment, you will continue making journal entries about applying the background material to your workplace environment.

In this SLP assignment, the focus is on organizational culture. As in the other modules, your journal entries should focus on questions suggested by the background material:

For example:

  • How would you describe the culture of your organization?
  • What are its defining characteristics?
  • How strong is the organizational culture at your organization?
  • To what extent is the organization’s culture shared by employees and managers?

As in the previous modules’ SLP assignments, each of your journal entries should be a paragraph or so in length and you should make 4 or 5 journal entries over the course of the module.

Also, as in the previous SLP assignments, before you submit your journal entries, review what you have written, and add in-text citations from the background material as appropriate. Also include a reference page at the end of your paper that gives the references that correspond to the in-text citations that you have used. For completeness, don’t forget to add a title page.