Using Ocean Waste to Build Blocks Paper –

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Using Ocean Waste to Build Blocks Paper –

This work is a part of a group work. I need someone to write one page of an introduction letter and one page of a lead press release that contains a letterhead, title, and body paragraphs.

The intro letter is the letter to National Geographic. There is an example and prompt attached that can help to deliver the idea.

The topic is talking about Using plastic waste in the ocean for building concrete blocks that can be used for housing people in areas of the world that have plastic waste on their beaches and have natural disasters.

We will be writing a 12 month plan about basically building a relationship with people in india to help them make these blocks, and then build a starter community to show how this can be done in other parts of the world. And ultimately work with netflix to make a special movie about what we are doing. Eventually partnering with the red cross for relief aid.

Please take a good look on everything and let me know if you can do it, it is a 2-3 pages work. Most of work will be done by the group. I just need to finish these two introduction.