Analyze & Evaluate An Information Security Baseline For Password Policy –

Programming –

Analyze & Evaluate An Information Security Baseline For Password Policy –

Task 1

Analyze and evaluate the attached PASSWORD POLICY your analysis should consider the:

1-Importance of PASSWORD POLICY (Discuss in details the importance of PASSWORD POLICY)(2 pages)

-2structure PASSWORD POLICY (Discuss the structure of PASSWORD POLICY that i attached and drawing the structure) (1 pages)

3-Strengths and weaknesses of PASSWORD POLICY (find the strengths and weaknesses from PASSWORD POLICY that I attached ) (2pages )

Task 2:

1– Write the update that you will add in PASSWORD POLICY and why you need to add this update

2-Update your PASSWORD POLICY according to NIST template (I attached NIST template) your update should increase the strengths and improve the weaknesses

Task3- (4 pages)

Most of information security incidents happen due to lack of user awareness. Refereeing to at least three research papers, write a report about the importance of information security awareness in an organization to reduce the number of incidents .Your report should discuss the

1-Importance of information security awareness(why awareness is important in information security in organization)

2-Role of training

3-Education and awareness and different delivery methods of information security awareness and explain the methods

-Kindly make sure of :

* zero similarity in turn it in

*Each paragraph citation with Harvard style

* Easy language

*I need the three research papers

Update, analyze and evaluate an information security baseline for PASSWORD POLICY