New Teacher Standards Assessments & Accountability Training Manual Project –

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New Teacher Standards Assessments & Accountability Training Manual Project –

Imagine that you are a teacher leader at your school. You have been asked to create a 4- to 5-page training manual that could be used to mentor new teachers. Your training manual must address the following topics: diversity, standards, assessments, accountability, current and legal issues, and technology as an instructional tool.

Include the following deliverables in your training manual:

Introduction to mentees, including an overview of the training and schedule

School or district overview, such as demographics and available resources

Objectives for the training

Job aids for each topic

At least two frequently asked questions (with answers)for each topic

Three engaging, realistic teaching scenarios for the mentees to solve, that each include:

o A complex problem related to at least two topics in the manual—for example, a scenario that blends diversity issues with technology

o An expert’s solution for the problem

Consider the following questions when creating the manual:

1. What is your school’s sociological and cultural makeup?

2. What issues have arisen at your school due to diversity? How might teachers have a positive effect on such issues?

3. How are standards, assessments, and accountability linked at your school?

4. What are the most important issues that teachers, families, and students face at your school? What are some potential solutions to these issues?

5. What legal challenges might your school encounter? How would those challenges affect teachers?

6. How is technology used at your school? What technology resources are available to teachers?

7. In what ways may technology be used in your content area?

8. How might you explore new types of technology that could be used in your classroom?

Include a reference page with APA formatted citations for any resources you included in your manual.