Penn State Martin Luther King Essential Role in Civil Right Movement Paper –

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Penn State Martin Luther King Essential Role in Civil Right Movement Paper –

  1. The theme of the course is exploring narratives of religious figures. You may want to explore the background of your authors. What is their argument? In addition you need to explain how their religious background may contribute to their ideas on an issue. How does one person’s perspective informed by the person’s religious background?

Here is the proposal of the essay.

My topic is ‘Why can Martin Luther King play an essential role in the civil right movement?’ African Americans were poorly treated by others for quite a long time before MLK became so influential. Even though, slavery has been abolished by President Lincoln. Black people are still be treated different from others. They were also not allowed to sit with white people on the bus. As a Christian minister, MLK did make the change for the black community. He has a unique identity. He stands in a religious perspective to advocate fairness and justice, so his remarks become more persuasive in front of believers. And most of the churches in which MLK belongs are African-Americans like him, and everyone is treated like non-human for a long time.

Moreover, MLK’s views are more easily recognized. Before Martin Luther King, among African Americans, there was a lack of someone with outstanding leadership to lead everyone. To be successful, there must be an exceptional leader in the team. MLK is such an excellent leader.


MLK is a thriving Christian minister. Black people were even enslaved by white people. But before MLK, there were no influential people who stood up to change the unfair treatment of black people. However, MLK did it.

I want to find out’ why MLK can be the leader of the civil rights movement? ‘ ‘

First of all, he is a great leader. He is a great public speaker. Any group of people wants to be successful. A great leader is the most basic requirement.

Secondly, MLK used his distinct identity, to convince people to stand up and ask for fairness and justice.

In our current society, discrimination is still there. There are still black people be treated differently from others. People should know everyone in the community should be treated equally.


Everyone in society deserved to be treated equally.


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