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You have now been employed by Paramount Casinos, for over a month. Paramount operates a number of hotels, casinos, golf course and conference centers. With the growth and success to date they have not taken the opportunity to focus on executive

reporting. The executive board has been struggling to get the information they needed to appropriately make decisions to drive the business. At their last board meeting you shared and received approval to implement your recommended BI & Analytics Architecture. The board has now stated that they would like to have an executive dashboard designed and put into place. You and your peers started talking about this during your daily huddle today. Now it is time to take the next step. To that end, you interviewed the key executives and conducted workshops with those who would need to use the dashboard. You have gathered

the following points from your discussions:

First, the board has requested that IT provide a means to have reporting of the net revenue against the annual goals by region for the entire organization. The CEO (Tomas) would like the ability to select a region and see a ranking of properties within that

region by net revenue for the year.


, the Chief Financial Officer (Ratika) has requested a vehicle to show the trend over time of the key financial measures (gross revenue, expenses, net revenue). She would like to see this over a two-year period by quarter.


the VP of Sales (Omar) would like to be able to see current year gross revenue by quarter compared to prior year gross revenue by quarter. The Chief Marketing Officer (Jenine) would like to see the net revenue vs. goals for the customer categories.


Chief Operations Officer (Li) would like to understand the overall costs of goods by region this year to try to see how the costs are distributed across the different geographic areas.

The IT Director (Sagar) has asked you to complete the first few steps in the process of creating a dashboard. He has provided the following guidance on a PowerPoint presentation that he would like you to prepare to review with him. You are to provide the following deliverables in a PowerPoint presentation for review with the IT director.

1) Provide a photo of a sketch of your proposal for the dashboard. Add appropriate text commentary on the slide to explain your sketch.

2) Also, include a rough wireframe for the dashboard. Add a list of questions you would ask the users in the note section of the slide

3) Include a slide with a draft storyboard of the dashboard. Add a list of questions you would ask the users in the note section of the slide.

4) Add a slide listing your assumptions and suggested next step