View of Human Nature Life Influences on Theorist and Theory Map Paper –

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View of Human Nature Life Influences on Theorist and Theory Map Paper –

Create a mind map which compares and contrasts three of the personality theories that have been studied so far in this course (select a minimum of two from this session). Your mind map should be clear, concise, and should incorporate the following for each theory:

  • Life influences on theorist and theory
  • Perspective on the development of the personality
  • View of human nature
  • Research on theory
  • Influence on the field of psychology

To begin your mind map, place the name of the three theorists you selected at the center of your map. You will then branch off from the theorists’ names with the criteria listed in the bulleted list. There should be at least two branches of detailed explanation for each of the criteria.

Be creative with this assignment by using a visual indication of more or less significant words (i.e. using larger fonts, bold letters, images, etc. throughout your map). This assignment may be done electronically or by hand, but if done by hand, it must be scanned as a PDF file to be uploaded to Blackboard.

For basic information and examples of mind maps, please see the following website with great examples of Mind Maps.

Your map can be created using the tool of your choice; it could be a chart, created in Excel, or a mind map created with free software such as or Canva.