Classic Jewels Product Advertising Design Presentation –

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Classic Jewels Product Advertising Design Presentation –

Work with Powerpoint

Part . Design your own Ad

You have your choice of designing an advertisement for a website or creating a storyboard for a video advertisement.

  • Create a product you want to advertise
  • Give the product a brand name and slogan
  • Decide what words you want to use to describe the product (language technique)
  • Decide upon a psychological or emotional appeal you want to use. If doing print ad, layout the ad in an attractive manner (digital or print) if doing storyboard, create a storyboard page – Each box in the storyboard should portray a key frame in your video advertisement, write below each box to describe the frame and include any dialog or voice over information, label each frame (introduction, shot 1, shot 2, conclusion)
  • Target Audience – Explain who you would target with the ad (Age, Location, Job & Income Level,
  • other interests or characteristics. Also include what platforms you would use to promote the ad (Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc) and why

  • Marks for originality, appropriate slogan and brand name, appropriate appeal, and proper targeting platform/message