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Financial Services Industry Regulations Paper –

You have just been appointed the regulatory czar for the financial services industry. Wave your magic wand and it will be done! Include regulations and structures you think are good and appropriate and those that are bad and/or inappropriate. What risks are you most worried about; who needs to be protected? Can the system be streamlined or should we add more regulatory bodies. What benefits will come from your tenure as regulatory czar?

For each topic, your paper must:

1.Be 1500-1750 words and posted into Submissions (in Word format) by May 19 11:59 AM.

2.Describe present situation briefly, and the future (what you expect/want/hope to happen). The best papers will be heavily weighted toward your opinion. The most important factor is that you have a view and support it. Nobody has the absolute correct answer so no view is incorrect (it is okay and encouraged to have a view different from the one you might think I have).

3.Do your own work. Do not add significant quotations and/or citations. I am not requiring a bibliography. Rather, I prefer a list of sources that you utilized; recent articles in business/finance periodicals are a good area to focus. Each paper runs through TurnItIn technology so plagiarism is easily detected.

4.Be grammatically correct and spell checked. Typos and grammar errors make papers hard to read and usually receive a C or worse grade.

5.Be readable, interesting, based in fact, and have a well-formed and substantiated opinion. Have fun; be imaginative.