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Exploitation Of The Laboring Chicano Subject And Resultant Labor Rights – timelynursingwriters.com

We’ve discussed:

  • The exploitation of the laboring Chicanx subject and resultant labor rights organizing
  • The criminalization of the Chicanx subject and the civil rights battles waged to gain recognition for Chicanxs in law/society
  • Fear of radical or revolutionary Chicanx youth and their competing visions for radical forms of Chicanx politics

These three distinct histories provide a framework for thinking about the formation of the Chicanx movement as a three-part process in the 1960s. This assignment is a reading response, designed to have you revisit the readings from week one of the course and think about them in relationship to these three 20th century histories of resistance we’ve talked about in the second half of the course.


For this 500-word writing assignment, your task is to choose one of the three histories listed above and write about it as an aspect of Chicanx movement formation. In order to do so, this assignment requires you to pick one of the readings from weeks 6-8 and put it in conversation with one of the readings from week 1. Think about and analyze these two readings together. Ask yourself: how do these two texts work together to explain the formation of the Chicanx movement and its resistance to white supremacy? What form(s) of violence and marginalization are they responding to? What vision(s) of a Chicanx politics do these texts offer? How do they define or critique radical Chicanx resistance within one of these three frameworks? You do not need to answer all of these questions in detail, they are simply here to guide your writing response and prompt you to think about how and why various forms of Chicanx politics come into existence.

You must have completed all the readings through week 8 and utilize at least two different authors (one from week 1, one from week 6 or later) as evidence in your write-up. You also must include in-text parenthetical citations for all direct quotations, but you do NOT need a full works cited page.