Chapter 10 Organizational Culture And Ethics & Human Resources –

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Chapter 10 Organizational Culture And Ethics & Human Resources –

In this discussion read textbook Ethics in Health Administration: Chapter 10, “Organizational Culture and Ethics,” pages 215–237. And Use your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text to read the following: Chapter 10, “Human Resources,” pages 165-178.

internet Resources- Use the internet to review the storytelling as following:

1. Organizational Culture and Ethics – Post need to be 400-800 words

Creating and maintaining a positive organizational culture in any organization or industry requires leaders to have exceptional awareness, communication, and management skills. When a shared identity is created and acceptance of the overall goals and mission of an organization is strong, ethical issues can more easily be prevented and resolved. This is vitally important in the health care industry, as every aspect of management faces crucial ethical elements.

Analyze this statement by discussing the concept of organizational culture. Share best practices of leaders for their development, and discuss the relationship between pressures created by the constant change occurring in the health care system and issues of ethics and culture.

Share a personal career-related experience regarding organizational culture, ethics, and the role and influence of leadership in its development and effectiveness. What worked and why? What needed improvement and how could it have been successfully addressed on a leadership level? Discuss whether or not the concept of storytelling was successfully used to help define the organizational culture.

2. Discuss and evaluate the information gather regarding the ethical problem. Post need to be 400-800 words. Include the following:

-Describe how formal policies, processes, teams, and individuals were utilized in addressing or proactively avoiding the ethical problem.

-Identify and explain the influence and role of external regulatory policies, and regulations in addressing or preventing the ethical issue (such as Joint Commission, HIPAA, et cetera).

-Describe how specific external forces influenced the resolution or prevention of the ethical issue.

-Describe how internal organizational factors influenced the resolution of the ethical issue.

-Identify and apply the ethical principles and theories related to the ethical issue and the management approach taken.

-Explain your personal insights gained. Identify tools, knowledge, skills or awareness grained from use and success in your personal ethical management practice