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I want a reply post to the below essay in 200 words using apa format and journal articles – timelynursingwriters.com

Team management needs effective leadership. Leadership can be of different styles and are used to effectively manage people and employees who report to the boss. Different factors can play a role in deciding which leadership is best suited for the job and adopt or modify an existing leadership quality to suit a project or the workplace. I work in an environment where new ideas for doing similar job duties are encouraged. Along with that, I work with clients who have their goals to be achieved in limited time and with available resources. From the vendor side, the leadership needs to be more feedback-oriented to produce the best results. So, the possible most effective methods of leadership may be the following (“10 common leadership styles”, n.d.):

Visionary: This kind of leadership focusses on the development of progress and bring in new ideas for necessary changes that are required by inspiring and building rapport with employees. It focusses on building a strong bond in the organization and particularly helpful for companies that need innovative needs to grow. Our project involves gradual development of the work into a unique product for company operations streamlining. So, in the process, new ideas that make the work easier is strongly encouraged and such leadership is highly desired.

Autocratic: This is the authoritarian method of leadership that focusses on the overall goal success results and efficiency. Decisions are generally taken alone or keeping only a few in the privy. Industries that have strict rules and guidelines generally benefit from this form of leadership as the leader, in this case, enforces the same strictly on the employees and expect success. The clients in my project have strong demands for compliance with rules regarding privacy, data security, and certain methods. This kind of leadership from the client side may be helpful as a result.

Democratic: This is a mix of autocratic and hands-off technique where the leader makes his own decision but only after considering and soliciting for feedback from employees, thus making them feel valued. Since our project gradual development, several issues crop up during the development. Feedback from employees can really help the manager to get overall progress and overview of the problems and help him make correct decisions. This kind of leadership is helpful as it also encourages employees to report more readily than otherwise.

Charismatic leaders often appeal to the emotion to the employees’ emotion and inspire them to work well. But, they need some form of talent or skill to make their charisma work for them. I have never had the chance to work under a charismatic leader. I have generally worked under a democratic form of leadership where the manager will encourage feedback from employees about issues and report to him so that it can be taken care of. That said, their way of being readily available in case of attending issues and problems and providing encouragement were quite effective. They made me feel valued all the time knowing that my work had been appreciated and will get the manager’s highest recommendation in the future (“What is charismatic leadership? Leading through personal conviction”, 2018).