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Personal Brand Development Project –

Personal Brand Development Project

Demonstrating a command of all of the branding concepts taught via this class, develop and describe your personal brand.Specifically, your Personal Brand Development Project paper should, at least, address these topics:

1)What brand elements are descriptive of you now?

2)What other brand elements do you desire to develop and how will you do such?

3)Describe your strongest brand factors and your weakest brand factors.

4)How will you communicate your “brand”?

5)Who will likely be your primary target market?

6)How will you develop and manage your evolving personal brand?

7)What research will you conduct?

8)Display your brand via your developed resume

This highly creative paper should be 7-10 pages (double-spaced, stapled).Please include a cover/title page and, if relevant, a research sources citations’ page—both of which do not count in the required page total.)The paper’s “Appendix” should be your developed resume, i.e., one of your brand elements.


  • Address the eight topics mentioned in the description of the assignment in syllabus (included above)
  • Apply branding concepts learned from lecture and textbook to your personal brand
    • Demonstrate strong understanding of class material
    • Tie material back to personal brand (how it applies to real life)
  • Analyze your personal brand
    • Current personal brand
    • What does your ideal personal brand look like and include?
  • Elements to think about
    • How is your personal brand perceived by others?
    • Your elevator pitch
    • What makes you unique?
    • What is your “message”?

■Why is each aspect important?

■Strengths and weaknesses

■How will you achieve that?

■How will you make sure you effectively communicate your personal brand?

■What is it?

■Explain the reasoning behind what you include