Primary Learning Theory Paper –

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Primary Learning Theory Paper –

Using Kaufman’s quote as a critical lens, referencing the essays by Anzaldúa and Bolina (Option: You can also use Stephen King’s essay “On Writing, which we discussed at the beginning of the semester.), and your own knowledge (no formal/secondary research), write a 1,500-word (6 pages, double-spaced) essay that discusses some aspect of how much language is a reflection of personal identity. For this essay, move away from first person “I” and produce a more objective, universal discussion.

Some of the questions you can consider are:

1) What does it mean to “speak like an American”?

2) Should the written or spoken language used by individuals always reflect their ethnic background?

3) Do language choices send a message about how a person identifies? Are individuals free to use whatever language they choose depending on the situation or circumstances?

4) How much does a writer or speaker’s choice of language reflect how they want to be viewed by society?

5) Does choice of language impact creativity?