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in this link you will see what you have to do

skip Two examples of feedback sheets you completed for other writers in the course (for Essay 1, 2 or 3) to show your ability to evaluate others’ writing and provide productive feedback.

and i will submit the essay 2 and this is the feedback from my prof >>>

(Good work! Your choice to introduce the essay by setting the context was a good strategy. Your citations make it easy to understand the sources you used.

If you revise this essay for the final portfolio, add a thesis statement to the introduction and keep working on editing sentences. I’m seeing some typos and some sentences that are not as effective as you would want them to be. Make sure everything contributes. For instance, how can soccer be the best sport if it is sexist? Do you need to argue that it is still the best sport despite the sexism?

Your essay is organized well as you move through the different aspects of your argument. You use transition phrases and topic sentences to move your reader through your points. (If you revise, expand the detail in very short paragraphs or join them to longer ones.) Your argument is well developed with a lot of examples and detail. Good work on the references page! (Alphabetize the references list if you revise for the portfolio.) )

this is a sample of the final portfolio

also you have to do a memo fro this work

not the sources from here so you take the source from here

annotated_bibliography HW file