Rorschach Test Purpose and Description Paper –

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Rorschach Test Purpose and Description Paper –

I. Test Identification or Test name

A. Purpose of the test (Personality assessment, vocational interest, and/or intelligence measurement)

B. Intended users and settings (Clinical practice, industry, etc.)

II. Test Description and Format (Multiple choice, open ended questions, cards with pictures…)

A. Sub-scales — names and meaning of each sub-scale.

B. Scoring system, including description of computer scoring.

C. How the results are generally interpreted

D. Ease of use — administration, scoring, and interpretation

E. Cost of various forms of the test and where to obtain.

III. Psychometric information

A. Test reliability & validity, including reviews of major studies done w/ the test

B. Test normative data — how the data was accumulated, for what groups, assessment of the data’s adequacy

IV. Summary, impressions, and critique

A. A general assessment of the usefulness of the test, how you might find the test of benefit in your practice, critique of test flaws, recommendations with regard to future test revisions

B. Examples of actual use (if available)