Breaking Social Norms and Human Cooperation Questions –

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Breaking Social Norms and Human Cooperation Questions –

Social norms are the invisible glue that keeps societies together. They are really only noticed when they are violated. This assignment involves breaking a social norm that everyone typically obeys.

**PLEASE NOTE: Please do NOT choose to do anything illegal, unethical, dangerous, or obnoxious. Do not choose any pointless antic that wastes other people’s time or money, or that might be threatening to others.

In your 1-2 page write-up:

-Give a clear definition of what the norm is, and how your behavior would violate it. (Remember, your behavior must violate some specific social norm—it can’t just be some weird behavior! If you have questions about whether a certain behavior is ok, please ask me. 🙂

-Answer the following questions:

  • What were the reactions of other people as you broke the norm?
  • How did you feel as you broke the norm? (Think about concepts we have discussed throughout class)
  • What function does the norm serve in society?
  • What might have happened if you violated this norm in a different culture or subculture?