Concept of Project Management Responsibilities and Teamwork Questions –

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Concept of Project Management Responsibilities and Teamwork Questions –

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Lessons Learned Report and Self-Assessment

As per the course syllabus, students are expected to have private learning journal entries to help them reflect on their learning. The journal is normally a dated record of your learning related to project management and group work.

The following questions are expected to be answered in your journal every week:

  • What key concept of project management did you learn about? Explain it in your own words and try to relate it to your group project or other experiences. (Hint: Focus on the 10 Knowledge Areas)
  • How is your group project going? What is going well and why? What isn’t going so well and why? What have you as a team member done to help your project team?
  • What have you learned about improving your own contributions?
  • Do you have suggestions for improving the class or how the material is presented?

Essay 1: Based on your notes on the above-listed questions, write a summary of all the journal entries, accompanied by a “lessons learned” report. (75%)

Essay 2: You are required to write a one-to-two-page self-assessment based on your group project, answering the following questions: (25%)

  • What were your roles and responsibilities on the group project? How were they decided?
  • What did you learn about project management by doing the group project?
  • What did you learn about teamwork by doing the group project?
  • What would you have done differently? What will you remember to do on the next project you work on after this experience?
  • Briefly assess each team member’s performance, including you, on a scale of 1 – 10. If you had to give them a grade, what would it be? If you had 100 points to allocate to your team, how would you distribute the points to members?

Expected deliverables:

1. Essay 1 and Essay 2 as one MS Word file.

2. The learning journal, the learning entries that you have been keeping every week, as mentioned at the beginning of the course/syllabus.

NOTE: Submit both essays as one MS Word file (Single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pts font).