how can quality management and deming s 14 points can lead to improved tqm

How can Quality Management and Deming’s 14 points can lead to improved TQM.

250 words with APA reference

quantum physics matlab lab


achieve professional success 2

Please help me answers 6 questions. I have notes and point about the questions that really helpful, so you can answers questions easier. Due US pacific time, 5/23.

what should you do

Provide two 100 words paragraphs to the following journal entry prompt.

As a graduate student, you have worked closely with a professor and her post-doc on a project studying experimental techniques in microfluidics. The project is going very well and you’ve even published some of your initial results. You will be graduating this spring with your master’s degree.

Your advisor is now writing a subsequent paper with a colleague who is developing a theory that accounts for your results. You see a draft of the paper and notice that you are not listed as one of the four authors of the paper, who are the professors and their senior post-docs. However, the paper is directly based on the work that you did, and includes a new experimental plot that you created in addition to the theoretical calculations.

What should you do?

secondary source analysis worksheet on us drops atomic bombs on japan in 1945

Fill in each of the fields below using information from a secondary source of your choice. Be sure to include specific examples (page numbers, etc.).



Full APA citation:

Identify author and describe potential biases.

Identify thesis and arguments.

What primary sources did the source rely on?

Is the source reliable and convincing? Why or why not?

How does the source relate to your project topic? How does it add to what you already know about the topic?

discuss the damage wrought by the indian ocean earthquake and tsunami

Discuss the damage wrought by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Include details on death tolls, total amount of damage, effect/impact on the cities affected, etc. Essay needs to be around 300-500 words. 

acc 100 accounting i aleks homework assignments

I need help catching up any missed ALEKS Homework assignments or improve any low ALEKS scores from Week 1 to Week 5.

marketing plan 63

  1. Collaboration in a business environment is a best practice that leverages the collective knowledge of the team assembled. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and present a preliminary outline indicating how you intend to organize the project deliverable.
  2. Review the process and outlines , providing an objective assessment and constructive feedback that will help strengthen the effectiveness of their efforts and the quality of the finished product.
  3. Understanding the customer profile is essential to the overall marketing plan. The customer profiles also help with selecting the correct media for the target markets. Visit Experians Consumer Profiles and complete the following:
    1. Provide an overview of your product which is an improved Android Video Calling; its competitor are Apple Facetime which is more user friendly and Skype.
    2. Choose three possible profiles for your products target market/audience. Explain the profiles.
  4. How can this type of information on consumers be used by the marketing manager in its marketing communications & strategy?
  5. Assess the market being targeted. What group(s) of consumers would most likely be drawn to the product? What are some ethical and legal implications? Explain why you are targeting these segments and three possible channels you would use to place your product for distribution to this target market.

physical health

PHYSICAL HEALTH is the topic

Section 1 Rough Draft Introduction Paragraph(s) Did you grab the reader’s attention? (For example, by using statistics, a personal story, a compelling statement, a question, etc.) Is your thesis statement well-constructed? Does it tell the reader what your essay is about? Does it communicate your position? Is it one or two sentences long? Did you provide enough background information to help your audience under stand the subject matter and your position? Did you define key terms for your audience? Body Paragraphs Does each paragraph include a topic sentence? What are your main supporting points? What questions might the reader have that you should address? What transitions do you use to move from one idea to the next, and from one paragraph to the next? How do you use the three audience appeals? Logic: Do you persuade your audience that your position is logical and reasonable? Do you include facts and sources to back up your claims? Credibility: Do you persuade your audience that you are credible and trustworthy by using the appropriate point of view, voice, tone, examples, and credible sources? Are your points ethical and honest? Emotion: Do you appeal to the emotions of your audience by framing your position as a problem they can relate to or with which they can sympathize? Counter Perspective(s) It is important to address counter perspective(s) in your essay. Use the following criteria and select one to three counter perspectives to help strengthen your position: Is there evidence to support the counter perspective? Does the evidence include fallacies (flaws in reasoning)? If so, identify and explain. Does the counter perspective leave out an important point? If so, you should point this out. Is there more recent or credible evidence to support your perspective? Conclusion Paragraph(s) Do you paraphrase or restate your thesis in a new way? Do you summarize your main points? Do you state any future research possibilities, if applicable? Do you leave a lasting impression? How will you get your audience to continue thinking about your topic and/or take action? Editing and References Did you run your Word document through Grammarly and fix the errors? Did you follow APA guidelines? Cover page, page numbers, double-spaced, 1” margins, headers, indented paragraphs, and 12-point Times New Roman font. In-Text Citations Do you have 4-6 credible sources? Have you used APA in-text citations to document your sources? (Author’s last name, date.) For example: (Wielding, 2017). Do you have a References page? List all references in alphabetical order with hanging indent(s). Include major identifying information for each reference. Apply a consistent and APA-style flow of information. (Author’s last name, first initial. Title, etc.) For example: Goldberg, N. (1986). Writing down the bones: Freeing the writer within. Boston, MA: Shambhala. Section 2 Feedback Reflection List the feedback you received from your instructor on your Writing Activity 2: Working Thesis Statement, Outline, & Starting Draft. Explain how you used the feedback to improve your draft. Describe how this feedback will help you with future writing.

economics theoretical disaster

Theoretical situation: Oil supply shortage

Follow all attached documents.

Make edits and add to the already started paper.