navigating change through formal structures and systems 1

Two principle impediments to effective and lasting organizational change are structures and systems within the organization. In other words, for change to become a part of an organization, managers often have to change the formal and informal structures of an organization to better support the change initiative.

For this Discussion Question, find an organization in KSA that completed a change in their organization within the last three years. Discuss how they changed or modified their formal and informal structures and systems to ensure the intended change became a part of the organization’s culture. Then discuss how the organization used structures and systems to deal with the uncertainty and complexity in the environment? Was this an appropriate response?

How could the existing structures and systems have been approached and used differently to advance the desired change? How did existing structures and systems affect the ability of the change leader to bring about the desired change?


  • writing standards and APA style guidelines.
  • Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced
  • Write 4 paragraph essays (Introduction, body and conclusion)

Enjoy your search.

choose three pre licensure nursing program bsn adn and absn statesthe diffrences and similarites listed below isa guid



Presentation: Comparing Nursing Programs

Choose three pre-licensure nursing program options (ABSN, ADN, Diploma, BSN, etc.), and put together a presentation in Prezi or PowerPoint format that compares the three. Your presentation should include:

  • Common courses and clinical components
  • Total credit hours
  • Accreditation status; cost; length
  • Completion and retention rates
  • Adherence to AACN Essentials or any other nursing standards (such as QSEN)
  • Publication of mission and philosophy or program goals

Based on your readings and current trends in nursing education discovered in your research, provide an evaluation of each program in terms of relevance to contextual trends.

Your presentation should include:

  • multimedia graphics
  • voice-over narration or recording
  • a minimum of 5 sources
  • proper grammar, spelling, mechanics and citations reference

answer questions 3 and 1

Post answers and at least one peer response to the discussion board per the following instructions:

All discussion board assignments must include an original post in response to the discussion question and at least onepost in response to another student’s original post. All posts must be substantial, significant and thoughtful (not just “I agree”!) and you must include at least 2 (2) citations and appropriate references from relevant academically sound sources and only one reference of the two can be the text book. Citations and references must adhere to the latest APA format. Academically appropriate sources are peer reviewed journals, text books, conference proceedings, dissertations etc.They are NOT, Business Week, Wikipedia etc.

REMEMBER, this is a five point assignment and will be graded as such. Make sure that you provide appropriate detail and academic support for your arguments on discussion assignments as they represent 30% of your overall grade. In other words, this is an important part of your coursework so spend appropriate time and effort on them!

Please respond to the student post below and create a post with the question listed in bold.

Using your knowledge of the stages of life and career development, explain how the career issues of a 27-year-old differ from those of a 45-year-old. What are the organizational implications of the issues you identified?

Career issues of a 27-year-old will differ from those of a 45-year-old because the 27-year-old is in the “early adulthood” stage or the “early career stage”. People at this age are just realizing their goals and dreams of what they would like to do with their life and they are starting their careers. They are trying to “find their place in society, obtaining meaningful work, realizing a lifestyle, establishing meaningful relationships” (Werner, 2017). A 45-year-old is in their “middle adulthood” or the “midcareer stage”. People at this stage are looking at their life and evaluating what they have accomplished so far and trying to decide what more they want to do. They are in a “period of stability” (Werner, 2017) and are productive at work. At this stage they find that they are either in a “plateau- a lack of significant increases in responsibility” and “obsolescence- one’s skills are not sufficient to perform tasks required by technological change” (Werner, 2017). They may also “reaffirm or modify their dream” at this stage. Organizational implications of the issues are people in early adulthood or early career stage is eager to learn and will most likely “experience occupational advancement” (Werner, 2017). They will need to learn the culture of the organization and I believe they would benefit from being mentored or coached by seasoned employees, which would probably be those that are in their mid-career stage. Those in middle adulthood or midcareer are already established and know their jobs, although, they may need the training to keep up with the changing technology. HR should provide the developmental trainings for each of these groups and team-building exercises so that everyone learns how to work together cohesively. Millennial workers usually have different ideas when they start at a new company, especially if they do not know the organizational culture and how things work. They tend to see things differently and may feel that the more senior workers are not as creative, when in fact they are very knowledgeable. Millennials also want to know the “why” before they proceed.

Explain why management development is one of the most common HRD activities found in organizations today.

According to the text management development is “an organization’s conscious effort to provide its managers (and potential managers) with opportunities to learn, grow, and change, in hopes of producing over the long term a cadre of managers with the skills necessary to function effectively in that organization” (Werner, 2017). This is one of the most common HRD activities found in organizations today because it “consists of providing employees with opportunities for learning, growth, and change” (Werner, 2017). Organizations need their managers to be more effective, so they invest in management development not only for the benefit of the company but also for the benefit of the employee. This investment in training is also an investment in the manager since they will be learning more knowledge and skills. HRD must keep up with changing times and with the changes in the organization and be able to provide training to managers to keep their training and skills current. HR must be able to assess the organization’s needs and determine where development is most needed. The best leadership development programs make certain that leadership is taught appropriately at all critical levels (Price, 2006).


Price, A. (2006). The leading edge: Developing leaders in volatile times. Employment Relations Today (Wiley), 33(1% 33-41. DOI:10.1002/ert.20096

Werner, J. M., (2017). Human Resource Development, Talent Management, Boston, MA; Cengage Learning. Seventh Edition

module 02 written assignment end of life care concept map 4

Mr. Rivera is a 72-year-old patient with end stage COPD who is in the care of Hospice. He has a history of smoking, hypertension, obesity, and type 2 Diabetes. He is on Oxygen 2L per nasal cannula around the clock. His wife and 2 adult children help with his care. Develop a concept map for Mr. Rivera. Consider the patients Ethnic background (he and his family are from Mexico) and family dynamics. Please use the concept map form provided.

7pg paper about terrorism please read requirements

Assignment Instructions

Building on the information that you prepared from your Midterm Assignment (Attached) (but without repeating what you wrote), prepare a research paper that addresses the below information in 7 pages:

For the terrorist organization likely to conduct an attack within the United States that you selected, determine:
What data collection programs would be best utilized on the organization you selected? (refer to the Intelligence Collection disciplines discussed in week 5)

Which members of the IC would be the best collectors of intelligence on this particular organization?
What intelligence analysis strategies would be the most effective and why? (choose from the analytical techniques discussed in the week 6 lesson)

Clarification on assignments: The first paper (Attached) was about the group you selected and was basically from a historical perspective about the group. The second paper is a red cell where you put yourself in the shoes of the terrorist group by thinking like they would to determine how the U.S. can do intelligence collection on the terrorist group. NOTE: This is still an academic paper, so you should not write in first person.
Make sure you read the instructions carefully and that you focus your paper on answering the assigned question. This assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper, so you need to use the class readings to support your thesis. Make sure you use APA style in-text parenthetical citations at the end of every sentence where you are quoting or paraphrasing another’s ideas (or any information) that is not your own thoughts and words, like this (Bergen, 2015, para 14). You are welcome to use supplementary sources to compliment the assigned readings based upon your research, but make sure you use scholarly and credible sources.

– seven (7) pages of text, not including the Title or Reference pages
– Written according to the APA style and format
– Use Times New Roman 12 point font
– 1 inch margins on all sides
– Double space all text (no extra lines or spaces after a paragraph or section headings)
– A respectable number of credible resources used, cited in the paper as in-text citations, and included on the reference page. A good rule of thumb is at least 3 scholarly sources per page of content.

Intelligence Collection disciplines discussed in week 5
Readings –…
Lesson –…

Choose from the analytical techniques discussed in the week 6 lesson)
Readings –…
Lesson –…

Choose from the analytical techniques discussed in the week 6 lesson)
Readings –…
Lesson –…

explain why most mutations are recessive and three ways a mutations might be dominant make sure to include real examples don t just name them explain them of each way a mutation can be dominant you might need to do some googling if you do cite it

question: Explain why most mutations are recessive and three ways a mutations might be dominant. Make sure to include real examples (don’t just name them, explain them) of each way a mutation can be dominant. (you might need to do some googling, if you do, cite your sources)

please be as detailed as possible and provide examples to support your discussion.

evaluation of early presidents discussion assignment 3

You are to read Chapters 11 and 12 in the text.You are also going to read the lectures on presidents Thomas Jefferson to Ulysses Grant.You are going to choose Two of the following presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson James Polk or Abraham Lincoln You will then view the videos on the two presidents that you choose and also read the website on your chosen presidents: Andrew Jackson: (Links to an external site.);; Abraham Lincoln: (Links to an external site.)

You are going to compare your TWO presidents as leaders, with their domestic policy, with their foreign policy. Remember that Polk and Lincoln were also war presidents and should be evaluated as war leaders.You are going to rate these two presidents by the following categories: High, above average, average, below average or poor.

Finally you are going to rate which of the early presidents from Washington to Grant as the best president and why. Please respond to TWO of the other students’ choices. Good luck with this evaluation of the early presidents.

Andrew Jackson

Abraham Lincoln

Please use the lecture to answer these questions.

make sure you answer these question on this discussion as well please (how Lincoln solved the basic problems of the civil war and why Jackson was the most popular president in our early history with his Jackson formula, democracy, Eaton scandal and the three major politics during his presidency).

Everything has to be from the lecture the two files i sent you below please follow the instructions.