2 page criminal law essay prater unit 2


Refer back to the three reading assignments for this unit. Then, write an essay that answers the questions listed below.

  1. Read “What Constitutes the Corpus Delictiof an Offense?”, and answer the questions below.
    1. How can the corpus delecti of robbery be demonstrated? How can it be demonstrated for theft?
    2. Why did the court conclude that, “In this case, the evidence does not conclusively establish that Hoke’s purse was taken forcibly from her. The evidence does, however, support an inference that she was robbed”?
  2. Read “For Purposes of Criminal Attempt, What Constitutes A ‘Substantial Step’ Toward Commission of the Targeted Offense?”, and answer the questions below.
    1. Do you agree that the girls had taken a substantial step toward the commission of a targeted offense?
    2. What test does the court establish for Tennessee to determine whether a substantial step has been taken?
    3. Would your answer be different if Tennessee used the last-step test or the physical proximity test? If so, how?
    4. Do you think that the court, in using common law rules of construction, modifies the legislative enactment?
    5. Is the court using its judgment to replace that of the drafters of the statute? Explain your answer.
  3. Read “Can a Private Corporation be Held Liable for the Crime of Homicide?”, and answer the questions below.
    1. In this case, McIlwain School Bus Lines, Inc. argued that the offense of homicide by vehicle could not be committed by a corporation. On what grounds did the corporation base its arguments?
      1. Why did the court conclude that a corporation was a “person” for purposes of the law? How was such a conclusion reached?
        1. What are the potential legal ramifications of granting the status of “person” to a corporation?

      Your essay will be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Your essay should contain a clear introduction and be well organized.

      You are required to use at least two resources to support your essay, one of which may be your textbook. All resources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Your essay, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

      escer21 discussio marketing risk make an analysis of this basic concept giving illustration using toronto dominion bank td 250 words analysis

      ESCER21-Discussio-Marketing Risk Make an analysis of this basic concept giving illustration using Toronto- Dominion Bank (TD) 250 words analysis

      media essay social inequality

      Write a research paper that is no less than 500 words!!!

      The essay has 3 sections and this is how it should be constructed:

      Section 1 – Summary

      Summarize the news story in your own words and provide the basic details (who, what, when, why, and how).

      Section 2 – Analysis

      Analyze the news story using one of the following sociological theories (functionalist, conflict, interactionist) learned in chapter 2, or some of the ideas about social inequality and stratification in society discussed in chapter 7, 8, 9 of the textbook. Discuss how the theories or ideas apply to your news story?

      Section 3 – Sociological Imagination

      Discuss your thoughts about the content of the news story combined with your sociological analysis. Use your sociological imagination to interpret the meaning and create innovative insights. In other words, what are your views about the news story in consideration of the sociological theory that you’ve learned?

      *The source should be cited in an ASA format*

      Article: https://money.cnn.com/2016/12/22/news/economy/us-inequality-worse/index.html

      what is the societal marketing concept

      What is the Societal Marketing concept and how can a small business maximize it to its advantage? Please answer comprehensively in 300-400 words.

      leadership 220

      Review Case Study 9.2 in Chapter 9 of your textbook entitled, A Leader Under Fire.

      Answer the four case questions on p. 214 of your textbook. Please type this in Word and upload to the dropbox. The instructions state to be as specific as possible in your responses and to provide concrete suggestions/examples in your answers. There is no specific requirement with respect to “length of answers”; however to fully answer these case questions you must provide sufficient detail and explanations (i.e., one or two sentences is most likely insufficient).

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      HY 1110 Unit III Reflection Paper


      A Letter from Boston

      Place yourself (same age, family situation, and relative occupation) in early 1770s Boston. You are inspired to write a letter to someone (family, friend, co-worker, etc.) outside of the area about what you have seen or heard happening with regards to the growing rift with Britain. Below are questions you must address in your letter.

      • Your nation is on the brink of war. What has caused this?
      • In your current situation, how has the foreign government impacted you, and what you are seeing evolve as the American government?
      • Are you hoping to see a new nation emerge, or are you hoping for a reconciliation with Britain?

      You are encouraged to be creative with the assignment, but make sure you are using facts from what you have read and learned to guide you. Your letter must be a minimum of one page, double spaced, and written in Times New Roman 12 point font.

      d06 1 lp06 nauxchange

      When considering your household budget, what obvious trends can you identify about your expenses and income? Do your expenses continue to increase? What future expenses can you expect in the next 5 years? What actions can you take to meet your expected expense changes?

      hist 1402 american history 1877 present 1

      There are 4 modules questions.

      FDR’s Arsenal of Democracy

      1.According to FDR, what is the purpose of the President?
      2.What does FDR have to say to “some of our people” who “like to believe that wars in Europe and Asia are of no concern to us?”
      3.What does FDR say is true in the Western Hemisphere as long as the Americans and British are in charge and free? What if the Axis powers get control Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia?

      4.What does FDR say to those who believe America is protected by the “broad expanse of the Atlantic and of the Pacific?”
      5.How does FDR answer those who say “the Axis powers would never have any desire to attack the Western Hemisphere?”

      6.What does FDR say are the “very altars of modern dictatorships?”
      7.Do you agree with FDR’s statement, “, I make the direct statement to the American people that there is far less chance of the United States getting into war, if we do all we can now to support the nations defending themselves against attack by the Axis than if we acquiesce in their defeat, submit tamely to an Axis victory, and wait our turn to be the object of attack in another war later on”?
      8.What does FDR say the people of Europe who are defending themselves ask for? Should the United States give it to them? Try and put yourself in the shoes of and 1940s American living through the Great Depression with a memory of WWI.
      9.What does FDR mean when he says he wants America to be the “great arsenal of democracy?”

      10.Overall, what are your impressions of FDR’s speech? Do you agree with what he has to say? Was he frank with the American people? What does this speech reveal about his leadership?

      The Atlantic Charter Worksheet

      1.What is the purpose of this joint declaration by FDR and Churchill?

      2.Summarize the provisions.

      3.In your opinion, what provisions are the most important?

      4.How is the Atlantic Charter similar to and different from Wilson’s 14 Points?

      5.In your opinion, would these provisions help usher in some form of world peace or stability that the WWI generation failed to achieve? Why or why not?

      Great Depression

      Article 1: FDR’s Folly-What Caused the Great Depression?

      1..What does the author argue are the causes of the Great Depression?

      Article 2: New Deal or Raw Deal-What Caused the Great Depression

      2.What does the author argue are the causes of the Great Depression?
      3.What are your overall thoughts about the two author’s arguments?

      The New Deal

      Article 1: FDR’s Folly-Why Was So Much New Deal Relief And Public Works Money Channeled Away From The Poorest People?

      1.What are some ways that the FDR administration channeled money away from the poorest people? Why did they do this? Does this make FDR a smart politician or no better than the bankers he accused of getting America into the Great Depression?

      Article 2: New Deal or Raw Deal?-What Finally Did End the Great Depression?

      2.What does the author finally believe ended the Great Depression? What do you think?

      performance measurement and evaluation

      What does it mean to achieve performance excellence in an HSO? What types of leadership approaches and strategies might health care administrators adopt in order to propel their HSO toward performance excellence?

      The Baldrige Program seeks to improve the performance of U.S. organizations with a supreme customer focus. To that end, the Baldrige Program recognizes those institutions and organizations that demonstrate enhanced competitiveness and adopt commitment to quality and enhanced performance while delivering practices that are “best in class.” Within the context of HSOs, achieving performance excellence as defined by the Baldrige Program indicates an organization has successfully implemented strategies aimed at delivering effective health care in the marketplace and high-quality, successful business practices for sustainable success.

      For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week and examine the Baldrige criteria for HSOs. Then, select your HSO or an HSO with which you are familiar. Consider how you as a current or future health care administrator might apply the Baldrige criteria and framework to the HSO you selected.

      The Assignment (3 pages):

      • Describe the HSO you selected and explain which Baldrige criteria you will use to evaluate the HSO.
      • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your HSO according to your selected Baldrige criteria. Be specific and provide examples.
      • Explain what steps are needed for the HSO to qualify for Baldrige recognition. Be sure to include how you would implement these steps and why these steps are important for meeting the Baldrige standards.
      • Describe what challenges you would expect to encounter when preparing the HSO for Baldrige recognition, and explain why you would expect these challenges.
      • Explain what action steps you would recommend as a current or future health care administrator to address the challenges previously described.

      peace action paper

      A key component of this class is putting into practice the theories learned from the readings and in class. Thus, in this project, you will work to obtain peace in a peaceful manner. That is, you find an injustice and then attempt to create justice nonviolently. Don’t just get educated about a topic or be an observer; take nonviolent action. The Canvas course lists Peace Action topics students in the past have taken. You may come up with your own also, although the instructors will need to approve all the topics in advance.

      After performing your peace action, please write a short paper (4-6 pages, formally written, typed, double-spaced) discussing the activity, your thoughts and feelings about it, and what you learned about peacemaking. Please tell the instructors by the end of Week 3 which peace action you choose. Turn the final paper in by the end of Week 8.

      Possible Material to Include in Paper

      1. Summarize the activity – What took place? When was it? Where did it occur? Who organized the event? What were the objectives?
      2. What part did you play? In what ways did you participate?
      3. Evaluate the activity. Was it effective? Was it worthwhile? Was it well planned?
      4. What did you learn about peacemaking as a result of the activity? What conclusions can you draw about the methods used?
      5. What are the implications? How might you change your behaviors, or seek to change those of others? What additional peacemaking activities would you want to participate in? What additional things would you like to learn about?

      My peace action topic is “ I think my peace action topic is promoting smiles because I believe smiling in someone’s face can make his day! I’m thinking about making flyers and posters to promote smiling and start promoting it around campus” But i didnt really have the time to do all that so I just need you make it sound like i did it. Let me know if there is more questions