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complete the following discussion post described below

It may appear sometimes as if the actual “design” of processes is cumbersome and time consuming. This need not be the case, as there are many tools available in developing any process change management plan.

To address the questions below assume you have been chosen to develop and direct a change management plan involving the secure payment process for an online retailer of your choice.

1. Conduct research using the Internet and identify the type of software or management tools that you would utilize to help with each of the major steps in developing the plan. Summarize the software/suite selected and identify its key capabilities, advantages and disadvantages.

2. As the leader of the change project in this same organization what level of direct involvement should you have in creation of the Change Management Plan? Should you be the primary author or should you delegate most of the responsibilities?

write a consoleapp in c

I need to write a C# program in Visual Studio that lets a user input a set of positive numbers. The program should display a result that shows the number of valid numbers entered, the largest number and the smallest number.

Your program should be implemented using two classes.

  • The class named Numbers: Implement class as depicted in the class diagram. The method readNumbers should read the numbers repeatedly from the user, until they decide to stop. You have to use a while loop for this part. After the user is done entering numbers, the result should be displayed.
  • Write a test class for that uses class Numbers. Use this class to demonstrate that your program works. This is a sample output for the program: Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 54 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 2 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 8 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 3 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 9 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): 1 Enter a positive number (or negative number to quit): -1 RESULT Numbers entered: 6 Largest number: 54 Smallest number: 1

pick a research method from the content of this unit participant observation survey etc and describe in your own words how you might conduct your own study concentrate on the method you would use and why

So far, you have been asked to focus on a research topic of interest to you and to look at various articles related to that topic (By that I mean you should have one topic and be sticking with that topic through the remainder of the class. No progress is being made if you focus on how mayonnaise is made this week and the best way to sell carpets next week.) Pick a research method from the content of this unit, participant observation, survey, etc. and describe, in your own words, how you might conduct your own study. Concentrate on the method you would use and why.

300 400 word sociology paragraph very easy

A 300-400 word Reading response on “This Civilization is Finished” by Rupet Read and Samuel Alexander.

1. Include a short Summary.

2. Talk about Your Thoughts/Opinions about the Reading.

3. At the END Ask a Question about the Reading for others to Reflect on/Think about.

4. Must respond to One Classmate with minimum of 100 words.

**Reading PDF and Example Responses will be attached**

can you please research and write an essay on quot losing earth quot article

When we read an essay, article, or other piece of writing, we assess its efficacy. How effectively has the author achieved his or her goals? To do this, we must attempt to identify what those goals were. Then we can proceed with our evaluation, analysis, and finally, our recommendations for improvement.


Using well-selected evidence from Nathaniel Rich’s article, and providing careful and clear reasoning:

  1. Examine the hypothesis that Rich wrote “Losing Earth” to expose an era of consensus and collaboration [between scientists, politicians, (Republicans and Democrats), and even the fossil fuel industry] to the politically polarized readers of 2018.
  2. Explain what ramifications there might be for readers in our era who learn that their political parties, Exxon, the coal industry, and others in the American Petroleum Initiative had once agreed to act? (As Jane Mayer told us, the Koch brothers turned “climate-change denial into an unchallengeable Republican talking point” (Mayer). What would present-day Republicans think as they read Rich’s revelation that their party was even more eager to act on the science than Al Gore back in 1982?)
  3. Evaluate the likelihood that Rich’s article could initiate a second “opportunity to solve the climate crisis” (Rich) now that we have entered a time often referred to as “the end of truth.”


discussion question 1 45

Discuss how elimination complexities can affect the lives of patients and their families. Discuss the nurse’s role in supporting the patient’s psychological and emotional needs. Provide an example.

write a brief summary 1

Write one paragraph . A brief summary on this article of the population of the earth. I have included the article in files

er modeling

Deliverable: Draw an Entity-Relationship Diagram

using ER-Assistant or equivalent software to capture data requirements

for Mama Mia’s Pizzeria. The deliverable is a complete ER model, and a

relational schema to document the data model for the following scenario.

We will discuss Relational Schema’s in Module 4.

– The ER diagram must include the necessary entity classes and all attributes specified in the description.

– Identifiers for all entity classes must be shown clearly.

– Relationships must be named, with cardinalities clearly shown.

– Write down your assumption clearly if necessary

– Do your best, if you are having troubles, please write that out with the assumptions.

– There are multiple right answers for this problem, so please don’t compare with others, as you can all read the definition differently.

PLEASE UPLOAD individually THE ER MODEL (As a JPG,PNG, or PDF) AND THE RELATIONAL SCHEMA (a separate word or text document) to Canvas, Assignment 1. At least one entity class name and attribute name should start with your initials.

Case Description

Mama Mia’s (MM) pizzeria offers pizzas, breadsticks, and Buffalo chicken wings for carry out customers only. Customers phone in the order and come by to pick up their order. When regular customers call MM over phone, they are asked for their phone number. New customers must provide this information before placing orders.

Once the order is taken, the tax, and order total is computed. The order is then printed and submitted to the kitchen where the order is prepared. A receipt is printed and given to the customer. Payment from the customer should be in check or cash only.

Customers may provide coupons. Coupon information (discount applicable and validity period) must be provided when placing the order and the coupon must be submitted when picking up the order.

MM has a set of suppliers who supply the ingredients for their products (pizza & breadsticks) such as flour for pizza crust, cheese, a variety of toppings, chicken wings, spices, as well as other ingredients for the pizza sauce.

MM would like to design a system that would serve the following purposes:

– Facilitate order acceptance and tracking

– Facilitate generation of daily, weekly, and monthly sales summaries

– Facilitate generation of products sold on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

-Facilitate tracking promotional sales (the ones with coupons).

To maintain the inventory of ingredients so that they can identify which supplier to call if they need a particular ingredient and to keep track of the amount of each they have on hand and on order.

– To know the customer preferences in terms of what the customer usually orders. For example when a customer calls in and gives his/her phone number and says “the usual”, MM knows exactly what to prepare! MM believes that this will save customers a lot of frustration.

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read article and write a short paragraph on the article

Read article and write a short paragraph on the article. Come up with two research questions with the answers. Answers must have references.

I have attached the article and a example of what the paper is supposed to look like.

No plagiarism. Thank you