benchmark nursing process approach to care 2

The nursing process is a tool that puts knowledge into practice. By utilizing this systematic problem-solving method, nurses can determine the health care needs of an individual and provide personalized care.

Write a paper (1,750-2,000 words) on cancer and approach to care based on the utilization of the nursing process. Include the following in your paper:

  1. Describe the diagnosis and staging of cancer.
  2. Describe at least three complications of cancer, the side effects of treatment, and methods to lessen physical and psychological effects.
  3. Discuss what factors contribute to the yearly incidence and mortality rates of various cancers in Americans.
  4. Explain how the American Cancer Society (ACS) might provide education and support. What ACS services would you recommend and why?
  5. Explain how the nursing process is utilized to provide safe and effective care for cancer patients across the life span. Your explanation should include each of the five phases and demonstrate the delivery of holistic and patient-focused care.
  6. Discuss how undergraduate education in liberal arts and science studies contributes to the foundation of nursing knowledge and prepares nurses to work with patients utilizing the nursing process. Consider mathematics, social and physical sciences, and science studies as an interdisciplinary research area.

You are required to cite to a minimum of four sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

Benchmark Information

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:


2.1: Incorporate liberal arts and science studies into nursing knowledge.

3.1 Utilize the nursing process to provide safe and effective care for patients across the life span.

eths 111 to write a paper with the title quot unemployment rates as a result of racial inequality in america quot 1000 1400 words

Write a paper on racial issues in America.. “Unemployment rates as a result of racial inequality in America”.

The length should be 1000-1400 words. Paper must include your reaction, opinion, and evaluation of the ideas presented by the author. should be *neatly typed *thoughtful response *proper style * critical comments *good evaluation and analysis.

write a letter to your congressperson about mental illness and the impact on society


Type of service:

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of pages:
1 page

Number of sources:
1 source

Paper detalis:

To help you prepare with the Assignment, review any of the supplemental sources:

Lockey, C. J. (2013, February 9). To treat mental illness, we need a more reasonable civil commitment law: Guest opinion. Oregon Live. Retrieved from…

Editors. (2012, February 23). The neglect of mental illness exacts a huge toll, human and economic. Scientific American. Retrieved from…

PBS. (2005). Frontline: The new asylums. Retrieved from…

Next, locate one credible source from the Library or the internet about the prevalence of mental illness in the U.S. and the effects it has on society (e.g., criminal behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, negatively impact interpersonal relationships, or homelessness). Use this information to write a letter to your congressperson (without the intention of sending it) to explain the following:

a. The magnitude of the problem of mental illness.
b. What is being done to improve the situation (such as your state’s programs or organizations).
c. How the problem affects a society.
d. What steps you believe should be taken to combat the problem and reduce the prevalence of mental illness or the specific problem you chose.

complete special occasion speech jones 1



TOPIC: I choose to write my special occasion about my grandmother retiring after working for 40 years in the teaching field. She has dedicated her life to helping high school students learn and prepare for college. She absolutely loved what she did all those years and deserves to be celebrated for her selflessness all these years. She has definitely become some of the student favorite teachers because she truly cares about their futures. She is an awesome woman and we are so happy that she is retiring to enjoy the rest of her life relaxing.

Special Occasion Speech Assignment – 50 pts.

  • For your final speech, you will deliver a 1 ½ -4 minute toast, which is a speech of celebration.
  • Expectations:
  • Although many toasts do not include a visual aid, I am requiring one for this speech. This visual aid can be a picture or an item representing the person or event. It does not have to be a PowerPoint.
  • You can make this speech fun!Feel free to be creative in picking/describing your event and honoree – the occasions listed above can be anywhere for anyone.Just remember to stay within the assignment guidelines and be tactful!
  • Please bring an extra copy of your full sentence, typed outline to class the night of your speech for your instructor. An example outline is provided on the following page. Place in the drop box if you are an online student.

•Tailor your toast to the personality of the honoree and the event.

•Choose from the following occasions: â—¦Wedding â—¦Retirement â—¦Birthday â—¦Business transaction (signing of a contract, a promotion) â—¦Anniversary – marriage, death, years in business, etc. â—¦Graduation â—¦Bar Mitzvahâ—¦Grand Opening â—¦Award /Congratulations Party after to honor the winner

•You can use part of a poem, a famous speech, a quote or even a portion of a love letter in your toast.

•Be sincere – even if the event is made up, present it as if it were real.

•Refrain from making negative remarks since a toast is a speech of celebration – this is a toast not a roast!

•Don’t make the honoree feel embarrassed – saying things that would make the honoree ashamed or dampen the upbeat mood.

information tech in global economy 2

decision making using system modeling. The author briefly mentions an open source software tool, EMA Workbench, that can perform EMA and ESDMA modeling. Find EMA Workbench online and go to their main website (not the GitHub download site). Then do the following:

1) Under documentation, go to the Tutorials page.

2) Read through the Simple Model (in your chosen environment), and the Mexican Flu example.

3) Decide how you could use this software to create a model to help in developing a policy for a Smart City.

A) As indicated above, explain how you could use the EMA Workbench software to develop a model to help create a policy for a Smart City. Explain what policy you are trying to create (i.e. traffic light placement, surveillance camera coverage, taxi licenses issued, etc.), and what key features you would use in your model. Then, explain how EMA Workbench would help you. NOTE: keep your models and features simple. You don’t really need more than 2 or 3 features to make your point here.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.

week 8 global nursing opportunities

  • Perform an Internet search, and locate one Global Nursing Opportunity sponsored by a professional organization that utilizes nurses as either paid employees or volunteers. Name the organization, and include a working link. In your own words, share the organization’s mission.
  • Share two contributions you could make to the organization (patients served) based on your current experiences and future career aspirations based on your learning from this course.
  • Identify personal opportunities for improvement in providing culturally competent care.

please follow the instructions i dont have text book i given references please find the text book ineed apa format 0 plagiarism i need this assignment by wednesday 6pm est

Go to page 98 of your recommended textbook and familiarize yourself with the CASE STUDY 4-2 tagged Social Networking: How Does IBM Do It? You can thereafter discuss and give answers to the following questions based on the case study:

1. How might My developerWorks leverage changes in the way people work?

2. Why do you think Alice Chou carefully monitors the My developerWorks site? What would be an example of an insight she would gain from the data she’s collecting?

3. Why do you think Alice Chou thinks a rewards program is necessary for My developerWorks because so many profiles have already been developed. Do you agree that a reward would be necessary?

I am aware that all students have a Grammarly account. I, therefore, request you all to use Grammarly to check your paper before you upload to iLearn, failing to do so will cause you to lose some points. The essence of doing this is to ensure that your paper is free from grammatical errors, conjugation, and spellings.

Remember your initial post on the main topic should be posted by Wednesday at 11:59 PM (EST).

A quality post is more than stating, “I agree with you.” Maybe you should state why you agree with your classmate’s post. Additionally, post some examples or find a related topic on the Internet or University’s library and comment on it in the discussion post.

Reference: Pearlson, K., Saunders, C., Galletta, D. Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 6th Edition. Burlington, MA. Wiley, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-119-24807-1 (EVALC)

IMPORTANT FOLLOW THE below instructions

Research: How Information Technology Changes the Nature of Work.

Background: According to Sharda (2015), advances in IT provides an expanding set of tools that make individual employees more productive and broaden their capabilities. They transform the way work is performed – and the nature of the work itself.

Reference: Sharda, R., Delen, Dursun, Turban, E., Aronson, J. E., Liang, T-P., & King, D. (2015). Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support. 10th Edition. By PEARSON Education. Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-305090-5

Assignment: With reference to the background statement above, how can IT alter an individual’s work? How can a manager ensure that the impact is positive rather than negative?

Your research paper should be at least 3 pages (800 words), double-spaced, have at least 4 APA references, and typed in an easy-to-read font in MS Word (other word processors are fine to use but save it in MS Word format). Your cover page should contain the following: Title, Student’s name, University’s name, Course name, Course number, Professor’s name, and Date.

Submit your assignment on or before the due date.

classical conditioning 3

Please do this questions, and write a short summary about it.

If need password, please let me know.

a quiz question worth 5 points short answer

Describe 4 characteristics that made the Spartans such a militaristic success in the Ancient World. Use evidence from the module learning activities in order to support your answers.

fpr best techguy

Chapter 4 discussion board question:

Directions: Read the some of the content discussed in chapter 4 then answer the following questions thoroughly.

Since the initial appearance of the drug Viagra, which is designed to deal with erectile dysfunction in men, a variety of other, similar products have appeared, with some available only by prescription (e.g., Cialis or Levitra), while others are available through mail order and without a prescription (e.g., Enzyte). Visit the websites for each of these products:

After you have browsed these sites, respond to the following questions:

  • Various products appear to have dealt rather effectively with many men’s problems with impotency. What are your feelings on this issue? If you are male and if you were (or are) having this kind of difficulty, would you consider taking one of these products? Why or why not?
  • Thus far, no equally successful drug has been developed/approved for use by women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. Does this surprise you? Why or why not?
  • Also, you need to respond to at least two classmates postings. One that you agree with and another that you disagree with.

    That’s it for this weeks

    I’ll send 2 classmate postings once student’s submit. This is all due on the 21st..