reliability and decision theory 4

The supplement to Chapter 5 in your textbook describes and develops several decision trees. In a 4-5 page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, develop a decision tree for the case described. Explain the process of developing a decision tree; draw the decision tree (include the decision tree in an appendix showing chance nodes, probabilities, outcomes, expected values, and net expected value); and defend your final decision based on your decision tree.

Case for consideration—An operations manager for a cereal producer is faced with a choice of:

  1. A large-scale investment (A) to purchase a new cooker which could produce a substantial pay-off in terms of increased revenue net of costs but requires an investment of 3,750,000 Saudi Riyal. After extensive market research it is thought that there is a 40% chance that a pay-off of 9,375,000 Saudi Riyal will be realized, but there is a 60% chance that it will be only 3,000,000 Saudi Riyal.
  2. A smaller scale project (B) to refurbish an existing cooker. At 1,875,000 Saudi Riyal, this option is less costly but produces a lower pay-off. Again, extensive research data suggests a 30% chance of a gain of 3,750,000 Saudi Riyal but a 70% chance of it being only 1,875,000 Saudi Riyal.
  3. Continuing the present operation without change (C) which cost nothing, but produces no pay-off.


-Your well-written report should be 4 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages.academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. Review the attached grading rubric to confirm you are meeting the assignment requirements

Book Information:

Stevenson, W. (2018). Operations management (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN-13: 9781259667473

complete student success discussion jt

Simon Sinek developed the concept of knowing and understanding your “why.” The article, “Knowing Your Why” explains the importance of knowing your why in great detail. The Michael Jr. video is a fun illustration of how knowing your why can change you. It is amazing to me the difference in this man’s performance before and after he knew his why. What is your “Why”? Why are you pursuing higher education? Why are you going into your field of choice?

Discussion Assignment:

  1. Read this article on Simon Sinek’s work.
  2. Watch the video below.
  3. Discuss what your personal “Why” is, and how knowing your “Why” can make your “What” more impactful. You why might have many components, or it might be very simple. Either way, please share it.

Know Your Why | Michael Jr. (Links to an external site.)Know Your Why | Michael Jr.

Note: If for some reason your video does not work, try changing browsers. Chrome seems to work the best.

bus 100 strayer university week 1 discussion post

Week 1 Explore Activity

Understanding Business Leaders

Choose one of these business leaders and click on the link to read about their role as a business leader and their leadership style:

Mark Cuban
Owner: Dallas Mavericks
Click here to read the article

Ursula Burns
Chairman and CEO of Xerox
Click here to read the article

Jay Z
Co-Founder of Carter Enterprises
Click here to read the article

Elon Musk
CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors
Click here to read the article

Tim Cook
CEO of Apple
Click here to read the article
  1. What are the key success strategies and characteristics of the leader you chose?
  2. How do you think these strategies and characteristics helped your chosen leader be successful?
  3. In what ways could you use this information to become a more effective leader yourself?

developing accountability in risk management

Chapter 10: Developing Accountability in Risk Management: The British Columbia Lottery Corporation Case Study

Chapter 11: Starting from Scratch: The Evolution of ERM at the Workers’ Compensation Fund

1.) Locate and review an article relevant to the topic of the class. The review is between 400-to-550 words and should summarize the article. Please include how it applies to our topic, and why you found it interesting.

2.) Reply for below post (100words)


Accountability is the act of one being responsible enough for his or her actions. Risk management is forecasting of financial risks that may occur in an entity and come up with procedures that may reduce their impact (Carroll, 2019). Accountability in risk management is the key to ensure that controls and policies work. For accountability to work in any institution, three different forms of ownership are involved. The three different owners in regards to accountability involve the risk owner, control owner, and the treatment owner.

The risk owners are potentially the leaders of the institution their primary role being oversight of the management. They take part in the day-to-day activities of the firm. Risk owners ensure that the control environment is productive. The risk owners are accountable for all risks that are associated with firm management. This ensures that they are liable for any happenings that occur at the various institutions that they represent. The risk owners should ensure that all processes check to ensure that no cases arise that might risk the normal operations of the entity.

The control owners are responsible for ensuring that they come up with a program for the entity. The program provides that the entity can measure its effectiveness and performance indicators on a particular control. Such case scenarios are where the developers develop software that they believe is free from hacking. In case such an event arises, then the liability solely lies on the control owners. The control owners come up with controls such as passwords and user verifications to ensure that the systems are not hacked or data used by hackers. The control owner’s effectiveness in any institution is based on their performance and efficiency in the ever-rising era of technology.

Lastly, we have the treatment owner. Treatment owners are responsible for ensuring the implementation of treatments designed as part of the management of the risk. The treatment owners ensure that all activities are conducted on time and that they meet the levels that they have been designed to fit (Fraser & Simkins, 2016). The treatment owners are accountable for the risks that are associated with the failure to conduct operations on time.

Risks are hard to avoid, especially in organizations where the company has no control over its demand and customer base. Estimations may not be right leading to actualizations of is thus ideal for different personnel to ensure that they keep their controls effective and be accountable for any risk that may occur and come up with solutions in a bid to improve the functionalities of their entities.

I find this article relevant to our topic of discussion this week. Accountability is key in risk management as we have seen in chapter 10. Without accountability, follows the danger of risks continues to be significant. It is interesting though that people are forced to ensure that the controls work or find themselves in a tight spot. For efficient running of enterprises, entities have to ensure that all risks are mitigated and that all personnel work towards the actualization of these goals.

(Link to the article :…)


Carroll, S. (2019). Risk management: APRA information paper: Self-assessments of governance, accountability, and culture. Governance Directions, 71(6), 314.

Fraser, J. R., & Simkins, B. J. (2016). The challenges of and solutions for implementing enterprise risk management. Business Horizons, 59(6), 689-698.

hydraulics and hydrology homework 1

I need you to do these 3 hydraulics and hydrology questions. they shouldn’t be difficult. ask me if you have any question.

erm group assignment

A professional services company wants to globalize by offering services to businesses and governments in other countries. What are the major risks in globalization of services and how should the company address those risks in order to move forward with their plan?

Note:I have attached the rubric.please take care of it.


soccer var

I want a 2 pages paper that talks about VAR in soccer and how it improved the soccer world.

define chain of custody and explain the importance of maintaining proper chain of custody when collecting evidence

Define chain of custody and explain the importance of maintaining proper chain of custody when collecting evidence.

response is to be a minimum of three to four fully developed paragraphs in length. Rewriting the essay question is not considered a part of your response. Direct quotes are not to be used in test answers.

Scholarly sources are required. Answers are to be consistent with the college level. The essays shall be written in APA format and include in text citations to credit your sources.

changes between traditional and digital approach in supervision evaluation compensation and hiring

Question: Changes between Traditional and Digital Approach in Supervision, Evaluation, Compensation and Hiring

Note: Please see the uploaded file to see the metrics i have to explain question


  • Need minimum 500 words
    • Introduction 125 words
    • Body 250 words
    • Conclusion 125 words
  • Need 3 APA References
  • No Plagiarism please

how new is new media does new media have the tendency to fall into the same traps of old media a case study of how we watch television

Communications and Media

Type of service:
Research Paper

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of sources:
60 sources

Paper detalis:


Write chapter 6 from scratch and edit the other parts without altering the word count. See messages for clarification.


Summary of Results for Research Questions

Summary of Results for Hypotheses


Theoretical Implication

Practical Implication

Limitation and Suggestion for Future Research