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Do some research on the currency and banking situation in your country.

We normally think of currency and banking risks as being something confined to third-world or developing countries. But events in the past few years such as the Euro crisis or the financial crisis in the United States have shown that not even the wealthy, developed countries are without risks on the financial side. So it is important for any company doing business in your country to carefully consider the risks that they face.

After you’ve done some research about financial issues in your country, write a 2- to 3-page paper covering the following issues:

  1. The currency of your country. Is it stable? Does the exchange rate fluctuate a lot?
  2. The banking system in your country. How safe is this system? Any recent banking crisis in your country?
  3. Overall does the financial system in your country make it easy or difficult to do business? What kind of steps would you recommend for a company doing business in your country to hedge or minimize its financial risks?

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Continue to write about the country you selected in Module 1.
  • Write 2–3 pages focused on issues 1–3 above.
  • Try not to rely on just one source—use multiple sources from the library if possible.
  • Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, and spelling—see writing guidelines) and include both a bibliography and in-text citations.


Submit chart comparing required nursing knowledge and skills to  current knowledge and  skills of nurses

business ethics memo 0

Imagine that you are about to shift production / manufacturing operations of your recent start-up company from overseas back to the U.S.  Your new U.S. division will take over the production of a recently launched children’s travel product (a line of plush characters with pockets and zippers which attaches to the shoulder harness of a child’s seat belt while travelling in a car or on an airplane).  Although you and a partner recently invented this product in Massachusetts, for the past 2 years you have fully manufactured in China and you have long wanted to bring it back “home” so your social media team could tout that it is “Made In America.”  

Your decision to bring manufacturing to the U.S. has given you the opportunity to potentially employ an additional 100 office, management, sales and factory employees (who will cut and sew your new travel product and help you grow your domestic operations).  

What are the core ethical values that you would want to inspire and guide your employees from “day one?”  One might phrase those “core values” as a function of specific stakeholders (such as: “honesty and courtesy toward investors / shareholders,” or “maintaining a level playing field for your supplies of fabric” or “conducting your operations in an environmentally sensitive way.”   

assignment 1 employee turnover

Assignment 1: Employee Turnover 

Due Week 4 and worth 150 points 


Employee turnover in the hospitality industry averages 400% annually. This means that, on average, 

100% of the staff of a restaurant, hotel, airline, cruise ship, etc. is replaced four (4) times per year. There 

has been extensive research on employee turnover and employee job satisfaction. Using the Internet or 

the Strayer Library, select one (1) hospitality industry type such as fast-food restaurants, luxury hotels, 

specialty hotels, or any other type of hospitality interest and identify the main problems associated with 

that industry and employee turnover. Suggest ways and methods to address the high turnover rate. 


Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 

1. Describe the type of hospitality industry and its main categories of employees. 

2. Summarize three (3) primary reasons that turnover is so high in this industry. 

3. Recommend one (1) method to address each of the three (3) primary reasons that turnover is so 

high in this industry. 

4. Recommend one (1) method to improve job satisfaction in general for this industry. 

5. Use at least two (2) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other 

Websites do not quality as academic resources.