information gathering

Information Gathering

research other sites to find content or interesting ideas that you believe could work on SoCal  Feel free to bring ideas from other sites besides sites.

**Note:  The client liked the following so review these first. 

Theme:  350 Colorado

Menu Layout:  350 Seattle

Content Ideas:  350 Bay Area, 350 Main, 350 Masschusetts

1.  Take screen shots of ideas and provide reference links. condense these into the top 3 ideas.

2.  Put these ideas and reference links into a powerpoint.  You will have a total of three slides.  B

Explore beyond the 350 sites:  look at websites with coalitions, websites with different types of calendars, event sites, etc. 


**For the an Excel file with the pages the client has requested. We will be using this file to track progress. When you research content, have these pages in mind.  The event calendar is an issue that we’ll need to solve, so look for ideas beyond sites for this as to the simplest way coalition allies can enter events and have one admin approve them before posting.


Website Goals:


Feature Campaigns, Events, Actions
“Go-To” SoCal Calendar for Climate Action
Provide Information on the Climate Debate
Build Mailing List and Social Media
Connect Coalition Allies and the Public


Looking forward to your ideas!

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