cj 4499 db needs 6 75 word posts 1 initnal post and then 5 agreemnetdiffent angled posts me

I require on this lesson 6 posts 1 inintal post 75 words then 5 agreemnet/disagreemnet posts for me to post to other students later.  Just watch video link then create 6 distinstly differt posts from various angles and number them so I know which is which please.  This is DUE Monday at NOON CST


Discussion Board #3: executing juveniles
Should juveniles be sentenced to death for capital crimes?
Duration: (5:12)

User: pwnedbysephiroth –
Added: 4/6/09


Many CJ students as I have found in past boards are in favor of keeping the death penalty for those who kill others; however, do you think we should execute juveniles since we know rehabilitation doesn’t work real well for the most part and all we are doing by slapping a juvenile’s little hands is making them into career criminals.  Kids killing other kids; how would you as a parent feel if your child was bullied by other kids and those kids took his /her life one day over a text message?  Your thoughts on this hot 21st century topic


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