biology homework 1345057 2

1.Nucleus & Ribosome

Describe what the functions are along with a basic review of any important internal structures, if applicable.NOTE: Put this in your own words and in easy to understand language; avoid super technical terms (or if you use them, define them!).  Do NOT just copy words from another source.  Remember, you are the expert, teaching your fellow classmates, so write your post in a way that we can all understand what these things do. 


2.Golgi Apparatus

with a reflection about the importance of one of the structures or organelles they have presented.

  • Example ideas : what would happen if this organelle was gone or didn’t work? What disease does this organelle play a role in? What would happen to the performance of the cell if there were more or less of these?   How did the cell evolve to have this particular structure?


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